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“We’re Committed to Helping Business Achieve
Sustainable & Measurable Energy Efficiency Outcomes.”

The first step towards improving Energy Efficiencies and reducing Energy Consumption in the business should consist of a Energy Health Check! Or what is known as a Power Quality Analysis and Energy Audit of your site. Identifying energy behaviour, energy utilisation and power quality outcomes provide management with a clear understanding of where and how to invest in the right energy reduction technologies for your site and what the potential energy savings will be achieved.

Our team consists of highly experienced Energy Efficiency Specialists and Electrical Engineers committed to delivering transparent and accountable energy transformation plans inclusive of comprehensive Business Modelling, EBIT Data and Guaranteed ROI Periods on all energy technology installations. Our core product & technology offering provides clients with absolute peace of mind, knowing they will receive the most efficient, technologically advanced systems available. When investing in the areas of energy efficiency, its imperative you install systems which are of the highest quality rather than the cheapest price. Better quality systems will always return higher efficiencies and financial results during the cumulative life span of the technology installed so the additional you may pay for a better quality system upfront, the longer term results will always outweigh the difference in cost.

Find out how Australian Green Energy help businesses become more energy efficient and eliminates Energy Waste!

On average, Industrial & Commercial Operations waste somewhere around 20% to 40% of their Total Energy Consumption through in-efficient operations, outdated equipment, poor maintenance scheduling and one area which often gets overlooked, the quality of grid supplied energy & distributed power through your facility.

Identifying areas of reduced energy consumption requires an immediate and measured response before considering energy reduction technologies. When implementing energy transformation plans for ANY size Industrial or Commercial operation, the outcomes achieve:

1. Immediate financial results and benefits to the business through lower energy consumption, lower energy costs and reduced carbon emissions (CO2) – leading to improved market competitiveness, and

2. Improved maintenance & operational outcomes.

Have you had your Energy Health Check today…?

The reliable supply of power for any business is absolutely vital and the lifeblood for healthy operations. Just like your heart pumping blood around your body, the quality of power supply and energy utilisation of your facility is critical and can be thoroughly investigated. Our Energy Health Check! (Energy Audit/ Power Quality Analysis) is designed to uncover the hidden diseases which cause irregularities in power supply, energy losses, energy waste and increased O&M costs. Our Energy Consultants, Technicians and Engineers are highly experienced individuals with the right credentials in diagnosing your facility’s energy health. To find out more, please contact us for your initial consultation and we’ll look forward to working with you soon.

Energy auditing and reporting data provided adheres to all regulations and parameters as set out under the Australian Standards in Energy Auditing – AS/NZS 3598:2014