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Australian Green Energy is Committed to Helping Business Achieve Sustainable & Measurable Energy Efficiency Outcomes for the Future…!

On average, Industrial & Commercial Operations waste somewhere around 20% to 40% of their Total Energy Consumption through in-efficient operations, outdated equipment, poor maintenance and with one of the biggest impacts being, the quality of power as supplied from the grid to your site.

Improving the Energy Efficiency of ANY Industrial or Commercial Facility has a two fold affect:

1. Improved operational outcomes, and

2. Delivering immediate results in financial benefits to the business through lower energy consumption, lower energy costs thus leading to significant reductions in Carbon Emissions (Co2) and improved market competitiveness.

Find out how Australian Green Energy eliminates the Energy Waste in your Business!

Our team consists of highly experienced Energy Efficiency Specialists and Electrical Engineers committed to delivering transparent and accountable energy transformation plans with comprehensive business modelling with full EBIT Data and Guaranteed Pay Back Periods on all technology investments.

Book our ‘No Obligation’ Site Assessment & Power Quality Analysis and discover the true Energy Performance of your facility.