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Australian Green Energy is Committed to Helping Business Achieve Sustainable & Measurable Energy Efficiency Outcomes for the Future…!

The majority of Industrial & Commercial Facilities are currently wasting around 20% to 40% of their Energy Consumption through In-Efficient Operations, Poor Equipment & Maintenance and most of all, Poor Quality Power Supply.

Improving the Energy Efficiency of ANY Industrial or Commercial Facility will deliver immediate results in Lower Energy Consumption, Lower Energy Costs and significant reductions in Carbon Emissions (Co2)

Find out how Australian Green Energy eliminates the Energy Waste in your Business.

Whether you’re looking for Commercial Electrical and Engineering Services, Power Quality Analysis & Energy Auditing, Energy Efficiency Technologies or Simply Better Rates for your Energy Consumption, Australian Green Energy will Improve your Facility.

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Australian Green Energy have been alerted to a possible scam whereby a ‘Call Centre’ is using the unauthorised representation of our company name, products and services. We wish to advise anyone or any business who has been contacted representing our energy products and services that; 1. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do we ‘Cold Call SME’s. 2. DO NOT provide the company contacting you with any financial information or deposit funds. If you have been contacted by anyone representing our company under these pretenses, we strongly urge you to immediately contact either the Police, the Department of Fair Trading or our Managing Director, Michael Broad – Direct on 0411 318 398.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you!