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Did you know, 70% of the Total Electricity Generated on this Planet is Consumed by Industrial & Commercial Operations…? The majority of these businesses will experience a 20% to 40% energy waste yield with very few having a sound understanding of their energy needs and how it is being utilised throughout the facility. Immense economical, environmental and operational outcomes await businesses who make the transition towards improved energy efficiency.

We provide a tactical and transparent approach to uncovering the economic benefits and investment timelines relevant to your energy transition plans. Comprehensive Business Modelling with clearly defined energy reduction targets and accountable ROI’s for every project we manage.


From our experience, the majority of operations will be under utilising their energy wasting around 20% to 40% plus in actual electricity losses, usually attributed to in-efficient operations, old machinery & poor equipment maintenance, poor power supply quality, a lack of useful energy data & knowledge and possibly outdated automation practices.

Managing your energy is not as daunting as one may possibly think. Once you know and understand how energy is being utilised on site, you will have the necessary information of which management can make confident decisions by and the necessary steps towards change.

However, Energy Efficiency does require an engineered approach and the assistance of qualified and knowledgeable Electrical Engineers and Technicians with experience in assessing ones’ facility. It requires the ability to understand the inherent operational issues normally associated with most properties and the ability to Monitor, Assess, Analyse and Report on relevant energy saving fitouts.

Achieving a good Energy Efficiency Rating and Result is not a simple ONE FIX solution that fits all operations. Each site will have various efficiency issues affecting overall operations from both a mechanical and energy utilisation perspective. Each site needs to be analysed on its own merits with reporting and recommendations adhered to the Australian Standards – AS/NZ 3598:2015 which is the philosophy and respect we afford to ALL clients. Its also a foundation providing customers with total transparency and confidence with everything that is advised upon.

 down to one area or source within the business. The energy needs of the operation should be assessed thoroughly in order to identify the energy wasting areas. Once identified, relevant energy saving options & technologies will be submitted for review and consideration.

Australian Green Energy offers clients several years’ experience across a diverse range of industries such as; Manufacturing & Production Facilities, Food Processing, Cold Food Storage, Distribution Centres, Medical-Pharmaceutical Storage, Agriculture, Commercial Buildings, Hotels & Shopping Centres.

Energy consumption tariffs across all utilities are on the increase and fast. Expectations and future government guarantees are volatile at best and are no means a certainty for future energy pricing. No one knows what energy markets will do in the future. What I can tell you is, in the last 12 months alone, we’ve seen the energy tariffs of our corporate and multinational company’s  increase by a staggering 25% to 50%.  Increases like this potentially adds millions of dollars to operational costs prompting re-thinks and cost cutting as a measure to reduce.

Investing in energy efficiency technologies will assist with gaining control on the rising cost of energy and increased cost of operations. Energy Technologies which are proven to perform and are backed by performance guarantees should only be considered in the process of evaluating projects. Additionally, the company you choose to work with should have a solid after sales support base and network to assist in the ‘unlikely event’ of an equipment failure. Begin the process of significantly reducing your energy consumption and put a stop to wasting valuable dollars and resources..

Discuss your ‘Energy Action Plan’ with Australian Green Energy today and start your journey towards conscious corporate sustainability.

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Have you had your Energy Health Check today…?

The reliable supply of power for any business is absolutely vital and the lifeblood for healthy operations. Just like your heart pumping blood around your body, the quality of power supply and energy utilisation of your facility is critical and can be thoroughly investigated. Our ‘No Obligation’ Energy Audit/ Power Quality Analysis is designed to uncover the hidden diseases which regularly cause energy loss, energy waste and increased O&M costs. Our Energy Consultants, Technicians and Engineers are highly experienced individuals with the right credentials in diagnosing your facility’s energy health. To find out more, please contact us or send a meeting request for your initial consultation and we’ll look forward to working with you soon.

All energy auditing and power quality analysis work carried out and provided as advice adheres to the reporting requirements and expectations as set out under the Australian Standards in Energy Auditing – AS/NZ 3598:2015. Our Engineers and Technicians have over 30 years experience developing a bank of knowledge across various commercial & industrial operations, both locally and internationally. 

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TOP TEN Energy Efficiency Projects

Projects which make the most Significant Impacts towards Energy Savings & Carbon Reduction Strategies.

1 Energy Management Systems & Metering Solutions

2 Lighting

3 High Efficiency Motors & Variable Speed Drives

4 Building Controls

5 Intelligent Lighting Controls

6 Improved Automation Processes 

7 Power Controls

8 Voltage Optimisation

9 Efficient Heating & Cooling Technology

10 Co-Generation & Tri-Generation Technology