Improve Refrigeration Efficiency

 & Performance by 10% to 30%

Significantly Improve Product Quality, Consistency & Food Security.

Commercial refrigeration consumes approximately 20% plus of the total electricity generated on this planet.

Well maintained and functioning refrigeration systems are vital to any business heavily reliant on cooling and freezing systems, so when trouble strikes, it can cost operators immensely in financial and stock losses not usually covered by insurance and potentially ruin supply contracts.

EndoCUBE provides a very simple and affordable solution to improving refrigeration efficiency, product quality and energy consumption. Providing your refrigeration systems are controlled and operate using a ‘Centralised Probe’ or ‘Return Air Probe’ to regulate and maintain required box temperature, EndoCUBE achieves about a 10% to 30% reduction in electricity consumption, improves humidity levels and product quality. Results will depend largely on the age of equipment, how well it is maintained and the environment. Australian Green Energy encourages customers to perform trials and analysis to ascertain the type of results your facility can expect to achieve. EndoCUBE will make an impact on the number of O&M intervals because the required number of ‘Stop / Starts’ of the compressor are significantly reduced.

If you’re familiar with the science behind a perfect refrigerated environment, you would know that achieving longer compressor run times, increasing fixture temperature and reducing the loss of refrigerated air are key factors to improving how your refrigeration performs. EndoCUBE will achieve significant and measurable results in these areas.

EndoCUBE easily integrates with your existing Refrigeration Monitoring Systems or Core Food Temperature Monitoring Systems.

Benefits of Installing EndoCUBE:

• Reduces Energy Consumption by 10% to 30%
• Reduces Diesel Consumption by 9% to 27%
• Easily Integrates with existing Food or Temp Monitoring Systems

• Improves Air Quality
• Reduces Humidity
• Provides Air Temp Consistency
• Improves Food / Product Quality
• Reduces Scheduled O&M Intervals
• Increases Life Span of Compressors / Motors
• Reduces Carbon Emissions

EndoCUBE is approved for us
in the following applications:

• Supermarket / Deli / Dairy Display Cabinets
• Walk-In Cool Rooms
• Walk-In Freezer Rooms
• Reach-In Fridge & Freezer
• Hospitals, Medical Storage Facilities
• Suitable for Road, Rail, Air and Sea Based Transportation

EndoCUBE is Certified & Approved by:

HACCP Australia & NSF International

EndoCUBE is Scientifically Tested & Verified to deliver exceptional results in improvements made to overall refrigeration performance and positive changes to the box temperature environment.

We have several ‘Real World’ Case Studies showing a variety of tested environments and refrigeration systems, from Walk-In Fridge/ Freezer Rooms to Supermarket Display Fridges to Refrigerated Transportation,we have covered a good gross section of industry delivering proven results.

We recommend to all our clients to arrange an EndoCube trial to discover the type of results you can expect from your operations..

‘No Obligation Trial & Analysis’ – Arrange trial at your convenience.

Comprehensive Measurement & Verification Modelling – Monitoring Data & Analytics for review and discussion

Fast Payback on Investment – Results have proven as a low as 3 months to as high as 18 months ROI.