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Energy Management Systems (EMS)

EMS provides customers with ‘Real Time’ tracking and monitoring of energy consumption and overall energy behaviour of the operation allowing Facilities and Operations Managers more control of how energy is consumed on site. EMS programs will deliver valuable improvements and reductions in energy consumption and provides insightful data so you can properly manage the energy needs of the operation. Equally if not of more importance, EMS has the ability to consistently monitor the quality of the incoming power supply and how energy is being utilised downstream.

Renewable Energy Systems such as Solar PV or Energy Efficiency based technologies added to the operation are easily integrated with an EMS and allows for continual monitoring of performance and health of the system.

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Critical Response Times

As we mentioned, EMS provides customers with ‘Real Time’ tracking and monitoring of energy consumption and power quality. One of the most impressive functions of sophisticated EMS software packages is the ability to monitor down to ‘Individual Circuits’ of which ‘Critical Alerts’ can be sent to key operations personnel via Email or SMS – 24/7.

Critical Alerts provide Facilities & Operations Managers an immediate ‘In-Time’ response to issues usually noticed only when things go south such as total equipment failure or worse still, a fire hazard. For example, monitoring down to individual circuits allows operators to see immediate changes in load behaviours which can give you time to investigate the issue before it erupts.

Australian Green Energy offer customers various levels of EMS Support & Software options to assist with monitoring and tracking energy requirements and designed to perfectly fit the business operations.

Benefits of Installing Energy Management Systems (EMS)

• Real Time Tracking of Energy Data
• Identify Energy Wasting Areas
• Energy Benchmarking, Cost Analysis & Forecasting
• Identify Saving Opportunities of up to 40%
• Eliminate Out of Hours Waste
• Expose Energy Abusing Equipment
• Real-time Energy Displays Engage Users and Improve Efficiencies
• Historical Analysis Tools Help to Target Continual Reductions
• Email & SMS Critical Alerts to Key Operations Personnel
• Alerts Accelerate Response to Excess Consumption & Potential Problems
• Promote the Value of your Energy Efficiency Efforts & Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable Energy – Voltage Optimisation – Energy Storage Capacity = Energy Security and Response to Demand Management during Peak Times and Loads.