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Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting Solutions.

Australian Green Energy highly recommends customers perform a thorough Lighting Audit & Evaluation before making any decisions with upgrading to LED Technology. We also recommend that you NOT choose the cheapest product option out there otherwise any savings you make from reduced energy costs will be quickly offset by regular replacements far earlier than is necessary.

Obviously with purchasing most electronic products, there are good products and there are some really bad products out there. Reliability, durability and the latest in LED chip technology should all be top of mind when researching Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting products.

Australian Green Energy’s Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting Solutions can provide customers with absolute peace of mind when selecting LED products because the products we choose have stood the test of time and are trusted brands. Our recommendation in LED products must always meet our stringent quality control and durability standards

Some of the latest technology advancements made in LED technology are ‘Solid State’ and/ or ‘Driver-less’ Technology thus removing the need for a traditional Heat Sink type operation.  The biggest killer to performance and reliability in LEDs is ‘HEAT’. The ability of the LED to control, dissipate or remove heat is absolutely vital to the reliability and longevity of the product because, to put it simply, electronics and computer components really do not like HEAT or HOT Environments. They breakdown more often, loose quality of light and colour more rapidly and have a tendency to fail way before their prescribed operational life time. Electronics which make up an LED Light are no different so choosing an LED product designed with this in mind is absolutely paramount.

Generally the LED Technology today allows for ease of installation or ‘Change Over’ which can be as easy as retrofitting the LED into existing light fittings. Saving the business time and money if the product requires re-designing and ordering of an entirely new fitting.

Up to 80% In Lighting Costs could be Saved

when Switching to LED Lighting Technologies.

Conventional Halogen and Incandescent Lighting Technology is completely inefficient and have no real control on the energy they consume. Around 85% of its consumption is totally wasted! When you consider that approximately 30% of your energy usage is attributed to lighting, it highlights the amount of energy that you are potentially wasting. In addition to this, when considering the true cost of traditional lighting, you have to factor in the cost of regular replacements, labor expenses and time needed to change them. These are significant additional cost factors, especially for Industrial & Commercial premises.

LED Lighting Technologies Suitable for

Industrial & Commercial Applications

• LED Globes  • LED Down Lights

• LED High Bay Lighting  • LED TUBE Lighting

• LED Spot Lights  • LED Flood Lights

• Daylight Harvesting & Dimming Compatible LED’s

• Smart Control Systems

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We even take care of preparing submissions to the relevant State and Federal Government Departments for rebates associated with your Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Technology Implementation. We highly encourage organisations to offset, improve and insulate the business from the rising cost of Energy Supply.