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Voltage Optimisation for
High Voltage (HV) Transmission

Powerstar HV MAX provides a total solution to two common problems, combining a Super Low-Loss Amorphous Core HV/LV Transformer with Integrated Electronic-Dynamic Voltage Optimisation Technology.

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Powerstar HV MAX is an Energy Efficient Low-Loss Amorphous Core Distribution Transformer with Integrated Variable Voltage Optimisation Technology which allows for an 11,000V input and a regulated 380V (or user defined) output.

Suitable for sites that have an inefficient HV/LV Transformer on site with high load losses and high voltage profiles, Powerstar HV MAX provides savings by reducing the losses in both load and non-load states with additional savings provided by regulating and stabilising the LV Voltage Output. Powerstar HV MAX combines an amorphous core transformer with electronic-dynamic (variable) voltage optimisation to provide a combined solution offering savings on the HV and LV side.

When deciding on the best approach for correcting power supply issues on site it is important to note that unless the conventional transformer being used on site is brand new, it is usually more efficient to correct any issues at source, which can be achieved by replacing the current transformer with the Powerstar HV MAX system.

The Amorphous Core Transformer used in the Powerstar HV MAX system uses amorphous alloys with superior magnetic characteristics. It has a non-crystalline structure with atoms randomly arranged to allow for quick and easy magnetisation which significantly reduces load and non-load losses.

The amorphous transformers used in the Powerstar HV MAX are 99% efficient, and on average deliver annual electricity consumption savings of around 3%-10% on the HV side from replacement of the transformer.

The Integrated Electronic-Dynamic Voltage Optimisation (Powerstar MAX) Technology will then deliver an additional 12%-15% savings on the LV side, on top of those afforded by replacing the transformer.

Therefore typical expected savings in a Load Loss Comparison for Amorphous Core Transformer Annual Electricity Consumption from Installation of a Powerstar HV MAX is 17%.
The chart (below) shows that for a 1,000 kVA system at 75% load typical annual consumption savings are 52,867 kWh, with reductions in carbon emissions of 29.3 tCO2.

These are savings from reduced losses alone simply achieved by replacing an older, inefficient transformer with a Powerstar HV MAX Super Low-Low Amorphous Core Transformer.
Additional savings benefits are then also achieved through integration of the Electronic-Dynamic Voltage Optimisation Technology.

Is Powerstar HV MAX right for my business?

The Powerstar HV MAX system is ideal for sites with the following profile:

• Operates its own HV/LV supply

• Has an inefficient HV/LV transformer on site with high load losses

• Has a high incoming voltage profile

Powerstar HV MAX systems have provided significant savings for Healthcare Estates, Supermarket Stores, Utility Companies, Education Facilities, Government and Local Authorities and New Build Developments.

If Powerstar HV MAX does not fit your requirements then consider our LV range of Voltage Optimisation Systems. 

What are the Benefits of Powerstar’s HV MAX…?

Powerstar HV MAX should not be compared to a standard low-low, energy efficient transformer. Its a combined solution that not only offers the benefits of a HV Transformer but also additional savings and security through electronic Voltage Optimisation and Stabilised Voltage.

The HV transformer used in HV MAX not only meets the new EU Eco Design 2021 specifications but exceeds these, and has done since launch in 2012.

The Super-Low Loss Amorphous Core Transformer used in Powerstar HV MAX will provide 3%-10% savings on traditional HV/LV transformers

The integrated Electronic-Dynamic Voltage Optimisation Technology will provide a further 12%-15% Savings

Therefore, typical expected savings of 17% reduction on annual electricity consumption can be expected

• Guaranteed safety, reliability and security

• Provides voltage phase balancing and withstands power spikes and surges