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Powerstar LV MAX Voltage Optimisation Systems

Powerstar MAX… the ONLY Voltage Optimisation Technology to hold Worldwide Patents and is arguably the most advanced, innovative and proven Voltage Optimisation Technology available today. Powerstar MAX is a completely Solid State, Electronic-Dynamic Controlled Voltage Optimisation System designed and built to provide your facility with Stable, Constant, Perfect Power Supply and Energy Security. Powerstar MAX is designed to hold and maintain the voltage supply at 220V irrespective of the fluctuating input voltage as supplied from the grid.

Commercial / Industrial operations with very high energy load demands will experience voltage levels varying by as much as 30V per day, making ‘fixed voltage’ or ‘tapping down’ type optimisation technology highly unsuitable. Businesses who have high demand and varying loads across the production day rely on critical services and equipment to be operating efficiently and without failure and any interruptions and tripping of the energy supply can be a mammoth cost to the business. Powerstar MAX is designed to provide protection and security of a constant, stable electricity supply offered by Electronic-Dynamic Voltage Optimisation.


Powerstar LV MAX

What are the Benefits of a Powerstar MAX Variable Voltage Optimization System for my Facility…?

The Powerstar MAX range of Electronic-Dynamic, Variable Voltage Optimisation Systems are effective energy savings solutions for companies looking to reduce electricity consumption and  carbon emissions.

The Benefits of Installing a Powerstar Variable Voltage Optimization System are:

• Average savings in electricity consumption of 12% – 15%
• Capable of delivering greater savings than fixed voltage optimisation systems
• Supplies voltage at a constant level regardless of input instability, providing additional security
• The set voltage can be changed at any time by site managers
• Increases life expectancy of machinery and reduces electricity costs
• Significantly reduce harmonics (THD).

Is Powerstar MAX right for my business?

The Powerstar MAX electronic-dynamic, Variable Voltage Optimisation system are ideal for sites with the following profile:
• The site has a high level of incoming voltage
• The site has a volatile or fluctuating voltage profile
• The site has critical equipment on site that requires additional security and protection

Powerstar MAX Voltage Optimisation Systems have provided significant savings for Healthcare-Pharmaceutical, Hotel and Leisure Facilities, Supermarket Chains, Government Departments, Data Centres, Industrial and Mining Operations, Cold Storage sites and a range of SME’s.

All Powerstar Systems and Installations come with 15 Years minimum Warranty and 100% Guaranteed Savings & ROI’s


The Powerstar MAX Voltage Optimisation Systems are available in a range of sizes from 50kVA up to 3,000kVA. Using intelligent electronic-dynamic technology it is capable of providing stable voltage to an accuracy of (± 1.5V).

The Powerstar MAX systems are a custom designed and built solution and engineered to suit the voltage characteristics of any Commercial or Industrial Facility.

Included in the Powerstar MAX Variable Voltage Optimization System is the HMI (Human Machine Interface), and Automatic Voltage Reduction Bypass. Additional options include Harmonic Mitigation Winding and Manual Switch Bypass.

Please arrange to view our Dimensions Table for typical case sizes for the Powerstar Voltage Optimization Systems.