Voltage Optimisation

The Powerstar – LITE range of Voltage Optimisation Systems provide a set level reduction across a predefined tap range. The optimised voltage will match the incoming voltage profile, albeit reduced by a set amount.


Powerstar-LITE is a Fixed Tapping Voltage Optimisation System designed to match the voltage profile of the original supply but reduce this by a set amount to the optimum level for the site.

An example of this is visualised on the chart (right) with the voltage profile through a Powerstar-LITE fixed voltage optimisation system characterised through the blue line.

Sites with more unstable or fluctuating voltage supply / power quality would benefit from Powerstar’s Electronic-Dynamic Variable Voltage Optimisation system. Represented here by the green line in the chart.

What are the Benefits?

Powerstar-LITE Voltage Optimisation Systems are effective energy savings solutions for companies looking to reduce electricity consumption and associated carbon emissions.whilst improving power quality and delivery.

The benefits of installing a Powerstar-LITE Voltage Optimisation System are:

• Average savings in electricity consumption of 10%-12%

• Reduction of carbon emissions

• Increased life expectancy of equipment and reduced maintenance costs

• Can significantly reduce harmonics

• May improve Power Factor

• Capable of improving phase balancing

• Manufactured in the UK, with a patented design

• 100% Guaranteed Savings and ROI’s


Is Powerstar right for my business?

Powerstar-LITE  Voltage Optimisation Systems are ideal for companies with the following profile;

The site has a low voltage (LV) supply only

The site has a high level of incoming voltage

The site has a stable voltage profile

Powerstar fixed voltage optimisation systems have made significant savings in manufacturing and industrial sites, education facilities, office buildings and retail outlets.

If the Powerstar-LITE Voltage Optimisation System does not fit your requirements then take a look at our Powerstar MAX and Powerstar HV MAX for the best solutions.

Product Range and Specifications

The Powerstar-LITE Voltage Optimisation range is available in site suitable sizes from 50kVA to 3,000kVA, and with 5 to 25V tap settings.

Additional options include harmonic mitigation winding, HMI (Human Machine Interface), Automatic voltage reduction bypass and manual switch bypass.

The Powerstar systems are not off the shelf solutions and are engineered to suit the voltage characteristics of each site.

Please request to view our Dimension Tables for typical case sizes for Powerstar Voltage Optimisation Systems.