It’s Our Answer to a Much Bigger Problem…

Solar Power PV on its’ own is a great idea and smart investment for your business, but it doesn’t really address a much bigger problem going on in the business. That BIGGER PROBLEM is called Energy Efficiency or better still IN-EFFICIENCY.

Keep this in mind, it is highly likely your business is wasting somewhere around 20% to 40% in total electricity losses. This can be attributed to Poor Power Supply Quality coming from the Grid, In-Efficient Operations, Old Technologies & Machinery, Poor Maintenance Scheduling to name a few areas.

Installing a Solar PV System to your facility, is at best going to cover the energy currently being wasted. Businesses need to address the inherent losses associated with any Industrial or Commercial operation and improve on these areas first. Eliminating the energy waste in the business will have a much larger effect on energy reductions and efficiencies than Solar PV on its own.

Once you address the Energy Waste and improve the Energy Efficiency Output of the business, your Solar PV Energy System will undoubtedly make greater in-roads to offsetting the REAL POWER your business requires to operate. It’s also when we prefer to step in and look at recommending and designing your Solar PV Energy System. After all, you could generate more solar energy for less or more solar power for more. Either way, it will make the budget look better.


Integrate Solar PV with Powerstar’s VIRTUE VO System

Powerstar VIRTUE. A Complete Solution to your Energy Reduction Strategies.

A Smart Energy Solution whereby the Power Supplied from the Grid will be Optimized & Stabilized to provide Perfect, Continuous Power Supply without the inherent Interruptions. Powerstar VIRTUE Technology is the only system of its type allowing you to Store the Energy Generated from your Solar PV System as well as the ability to Store the Off Peak Power supplied from the Grid to switch over and use the stored energy at times of High Tariffs and Peak Load Demand Periods.

The point we’re trying to make is, installing a Solar PV System is at best, going to cover some or possibly all of the energy waste in the business so a Solar PV Installation is taking care of the inherent energy waste. If you address and eliminate the energy waste, your Solar PV System will undoubtedly make greater in-roads to offsetting the REAL POWER your business requires to operate.

Australian Green Energy are experts in advising businesses across the whole of operations so you gain a transparent and complete understanding of what is really going on with your energy consumption. We’ll prepare comprehensive Reports, Findings and Financial & System Design Modelling prepared by our Engineers, so once you have a report in hand showing you where and how the energy is being wasted in the business, it is very likely you can install a Solar PV System on a smaller and more cost effective scale. 


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