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Energy consumption tariffs across all utilities are on the increase and fast. Expectations are within the next 5 years your electricity costs alone could double so why wait for the pain of increasing operational costs to arrive when you can immediately begin the process of significantly reducing energy consumption and put a stop to wasting valuable dollars and resources.
Australian Green Energy provide energy saving strategies, solutions and expert technical consultation. We cover a wide spectrum of Energy Efficiency integration solutions including Energy Auditing & Power Quality Analysis, Voltage Optimisation Technologies, Specialised Mechanical & Electrical Engineering services, Energy Monitoring & Management Systems to the most advanced, innovative Energy Efficiency Technologies designed and proven to improve your operation’s overall performance.

From Voltage Optimisation Technologies to LED Lighting, Energy Management Systems, Variable Speed Drive Technologies & Renewable and Alternative Energy Technologies such as Solar Power, Heat Recovery, CoGeneration & Trigeneration, On-Site Hybrid & BioGas Power Generation and Waste Methane Capture. We will advise on the best course of action towards reducing your energy consumption and technologies providing the most cost effective measures with immediate returns for the business.

For example, most Industrial & Commercial operations waste somewhere between 20% to 40% of their energy needs through in-efficient operations, antiquated plant & equipment, poor power supply quality and basic automation processes to name a few areas. Companies need to control energy consumption through a more intelligent attack on reducing energy waste.

Once iddentifying waste opportunities, we’ll help you fast track energy saving projects and implement ‘Energy Action Plans’ for immediate returns and optimisation of your operation. Australian Green Energy will show you how to achieve a more energy efficient business and meet corporate carbon emissions reduction targets. Everything we do is delivered with passion, transparency and backed with solid ROI strategies, objectives with guarantees in place for absolute peace of mind.

We are offering clients the opportunity to perform an Australian Standards (AS/NZ 3598:2000) Certified Energy Audit & Power Quality Analysis for a site of their choosing with NO OBLIGATION. The reason for this is two fold, firstly it is absolutely vital to understand the quality of power supplied to the site. Issues such as Over or Under Voltage Supply, Harmonics, Dips & Swells etc can have serious performance effects on the operation as well as costing the business dearly in dollars and carbon emissions. Secondly, it allows us to put together for your consideration, Reports, Findings and a Business Case Proposal to immediately rectify the problems. Our proposal will include relevant Technologies and Energy Action Plans with comprehensive ROI’s and Guarantees to help management make the commitment & investment with absolute confidence and certainty.

Book your Energy Audit & Power Quality Analysis today and begin the journey towards reducing Energy Consumtion, Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions. After all, we have a commitment to improving our corporate social responsibilities for the communities we live in.