Get the Most Competitive Price

for your Energy Needs…

Australian Green Energy provide Energy Brokerage & Procurement Services and Negotiate Hard to Secure the Best Price for your Energy Needs. It’s that simple!

Our Energy Partners are some of the largest energy retailers and suppliers offering the most competitive pricing available to secure your energy business. Its an extremely competitive market with several Energy Retailers, Providers and Energy Service Businesses offering deals to entice your energy bills over to them. This is where buyer needs to be aware and often if the deal sounds too good to be true then… as the story goes! Most of the time the ‘devil is in the detail’ as they say, and you need to be vigilant in understanding how a business or commercial energy contract is structured, what it all means and what is the customers’ obligations during the term of the agreement.

Australian Green Energy have several years industry experience behind us to know what to look out for and what will be in the client’s best interest. We’ll advise in the most transparent, professional manner and in accordance with ALL relevant laws and accordingly. Our interest is making sure we achieve the best energy market rates for our customers whilst providing professional and responsive account management.

Currently, the energy markets for some time now, have been in negative territory and will remain so according to the medium to long term outlook. This opens up good pricing opportunities with energy retailers and providers offering better than average discounts and several service differentials to secure your business.

Just in Time Energy Consumption Data
Australian Green Energy can assist with going a step further and install an Energy Monitoring and Management System to keep track of your energy consumption and behaviour in Real Time. The system can also be designed for┬ámonitoring and reporting down to individual circuits again in Real Time with the specific purpose of identifying areas using more electricity than normal and providing ‘Just in Time’ data and alerts for potentially hazardous problems to really take affect on the operation.