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Highly Skilled Commercial & Industrial Electrical Engineers and Technicians

Our Technicians and Engineers come with over 20 years’ Industrial & Commercial experience, knowledge and understanding across various types of operations. From Manufacturing and Processing Facilities to Corporate Buildings, Shopping Centres, Public Works and Hospitality Industries, we work extremely hard for our customers in making sure their operation is performing in tip top order.

Australian Green Energy is a unique service provider when it comes to managing a client’s Electrical and Mechanical Systems & Equipment On-Site. Our service difference is embedded in our ability to identify and manage energy efficiency improvements within the operation. Our expertise and knowledge has been fed with a good cross section of industry and operations allowing us to pass on our capable and reliable experience and service.

We offer the opportunity to all customers to Research, Analyse and Diagnose the Energy Performance & Quality of Power Distribution of their site in order to develop an appropriate course of action and relevant technologies and upgrades for implementation plans.

We’ll assist with developing your very own Energy Action Plans for the business which are designed to tackle the energy waste, improve energy efficiency and be pro-active in identifying issues before they arise and affect overall operations, potentially costing the operation not only in money, but in complete loss of productivity on ALL levels.

Electrical Services Capabilities

Australian Green Energy provide a comprehensive selection of electrical services available to keep your operation performing at its’ optimal and most efficient levels.

Electrical Technicians, Engineers and Emergency Services Available 24 / 7

• Industrial & Commercial Electrical Services & Maintenance.

• Energy Auditing.

• Power Quality Analysis.

• Thermal Scanning, Analysis & Reporting.

• Fault Finding Experience.

• Electrical & Mechanical Installations.

• Energy Efficiency Measurement & Verification Modelling.

• Project Management & Building Information Modelling (B.I.M)