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Power Quality & Energy Analysis

The immediate steps required to identify improvements in energy efficiency and energy consumption costs is to perform an Energy Audit & Power Quality Analysis of your site. In doing so, you’ll unlock the energy wasting areas of the business, achieve a better understanding of energy performance and provide an opportunity to submit Energy Efficiency Transformation Plans and Technologies to reduce energy costs and improve operational outcomes.

A comprehensive Energy Audit & Power Quality Analysis of your facility will determine Exact Load Patterns, Energy Performance, Distribution of Energy, Quality of Power Supply and provide guidance towards implementing efficiency change.

Quality of Power Supplying your Facility
There are several inherent issues with receiving grid supplied electricity, leaving your operation vulnerable to constant changes and adjustments from the grid throughout the day and basically in the hands of the energy supplier. Electricity Supply Issues can have devastating effects on the ‘day to day’ operations and place additional loads and stress on delivering efficient outcomes. It can not only cost the business financially but can lead to total loss of productivity, potentially placing supply contracts under scrutiny.

Grid Supplied Electricity is generally supplied at a much higher voltage than is necessary to operate a facility efficiently. The National Standard Voltage Supply allows for a variation in supply of between 216V and 253V which when you consider closely enough, you will understand this allows for huge swings in the supply which can be directly related to a majority of Breakdowns, Shutdowns, Equipment Failure, Peak Demand Fees, Additional Wear & Tear on Equipment, Early Burnouts of Motors and Computer & Sensitive Data Loss.

Protection and Reliability of electricity supply is paramount and without equal for most operations of today. Controlling the Main In-Coming Supply of Electricity will give greater control and flexibility in how energy is received and distributed on-site and provide less breakdowns, shut downs and a stress free environment.

Issues which affect Electricity Supply & Distribution at your site:

Under or Over Voltage supply, Transients, Harmonics, Brown Outs, Poor Power Factor, Unbalanced Loads between Phases, Tripping of Relay Switches, Equipment Malfunction, Early Burn-out of Motors all of which contribute greatly to increases in energy and operational costs.

Our experiences generally see an average of In-Coming Supply Voltage readings of 247V to 251V running @ 95% of operational time. Ultimately, this is usually the root cause of most major and minor operational malfunctions.

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Benefits of an Energy Health Check and Analysis!

Australian Green Energy provide Power Quality Analysis and Energy Auditing Services for ALL types of Industrial & Commercial operations and are performed in accordance with Australian Standards – AS/NZ 3598:2015.

• Identify Energy Waste.

• Energy Consumption & Behaviour Insight.

• Identify significant Energy Efficiency Improvements and Cost Savings!

• Specialist Engineer and Certified Advice with full Technical Support and Industry Experience!

• Measure and Understand your Energy Consumption

• Opportunity to link audit with NABERS Energy Rating System

Australian Green Energy can assist with implementing your energy transition plans with the right technologies supporting your sustainability strategies.

Energy Auditing – Expected Outcomes
Australian Green Energy will advise on the correct level of auditing required for your business or industrial / commercial operation. Providing you with insights into how to manage your energy use more effectively, reduce operating costs and carbon emissions.

ALL Energy Reporting, Data and Analysis works are performed in accordance with the Australian Standards – AS/NZ 3598:2015 and aim to deliver outcomes within a more acceptable accuracy tolerance range of +/- 2% or better. That is; the energy savings accuracy we know will be achieved in our business modelling submissions. The Aust Standards allow for a wider tolerance level in expected outcomes.

Level 1 Audit
Based on a relatively simple “walk-though” of the site with estimated energy savings and implementation budget calculated to within an accuracy of +-40%.

Level 2 Audit

Requires significantly more on-site investigation, measurement and energy monitoring. The energy saving and implementation budget estimates of a Level 2 Audit are delivered with an accuracy of +-20%.

Level 3 Audit

Requires a thorough detailed site investigation and analysis of energy efficiency measures; often involves sub-metering of equipment, of which we recommend our Smart Metering Systems for Real Time Energy Monitoring and Measurement allowing you complete control and management of your energy consumption. The energy saving and implementation budget estimates of a Level 3 Audits are delivered with an acceptable accuracy of +10% for capital costs and -10% for energy savings.
Arrange an immediate, obligation free site assessment and consultation with Australian Green Energy and we will take the time to discuss implementing an ‘Energy Efficiency Action Plan’ for your business