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Electrical Installation Services

Experienced Electrical Engineers & Technicians

available for your next project

Installation of Technologies

& General Electrical Services.

First and foremost, we make considerable adjustments and allowances in making sure any installation or electrical services we provide will have minimal impact on our customer’s day to day operations.

Whether it be planning around designated plant shutdowns, maintenance periods or outside of normal operating hours, Australian Green Energy will always go the extra mile in planning and preparation for all obstacles which may otherwise prevent a perfect installation. 

Our Project Design & Engineering teams will replicate the entire installation process specific to a client’s facility including all the complexities via our comprehensive 3D – Building Information Modelling of the site. Efficient and Effective Project Planning and Management is absolutely vital in making sure the installation is a complete success.

We guarantee our end product is of the highest quality of workmanship backed by one of the best commercial product and service warranties available.

Comprehensive details on SWMS, Scope of Works, Project Planning, Full Terms & Conditions and Warranties regarding Products & Installations will be made available upon request.