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Thermal Scanning

& Imaging Services.

PPM – Pro-active Preventative Maintenance.

Thermal Scanning & Imaging Services

If your facility experiences breakdowns, shut downs, equipment & mechanical malfunction or constant electrical issues, chances are there are one or several weak links in the supply & distribution of electricity throughout the site. Australian Green Energy will prepare Engineer Certified, Thermal Performance Reports on behalf of the business and provide insight and options towards the best course of action to remedy any major issues.

PPM – Pro-active Preventative Maintenance.

By adopting our ethos of Pro-active Preventative Maintenance and you may find the small amount invested in Regular Thermal Scanning Checks and Reports may save you several thousands in dollars and potential harm to customer supply contracts.

The focus is to achieve a ‘Just in Time’ approach to maintenance and operational problems and provide smoother processes and a reduced stress load environment for employees and the business overall. So the smartest approach would be to bring underlying and potential issues to light so action can be taken before that issue becomes a serious problem.

Enhance your facilities safety & productivity procedures whilst contributing to improved profitability.

Thermal Scanning Reports and Equipment

Australian Green Energy choose the most technologically advanced Industrial Thermal Scanning and Monitoring Equipment available for accurate, high quality, reliable Maintenance & Safety reporting data.

Delivering expert, Certified Electrical Engineer Reports fully complaint and performed under the Australian Standards AS/NZ 3760:2010, we provide our clients with the obligation of delivering on the most intelligent and dependable data of which they can put their trust in.

Australian Green Energy are specialised in providing clients with comprehensive Action Plans, Audits & Business Case Studies around improvements and upgrades to Electrical Circuitry, Equipment or Installations of Energy Efficiency & Energy Reduction Technologies.

Our aim is to assist customers with proven, transparent and trusted reporting outcomes of which an organisation can confidently set their efficiency targets towards and driving down operational expenditure.

Australian Green Energy’s Thermal Scanning & Imaging Services are highly critical in the event of:

Preventative Maintenance.

Maximise Operational Efficiencies.

Insurance Premium Protection Purposes.

Quality & Operational Control.

Health, Safety & Well-being of Workforce.

Pre & Post Measurement & Verification Modelling of Installations.

Protection of Valuable Equipment.

Improved Operations, Maintenance & Profitability.

Book our Comprehensive Thermal Scanning & Imaging Report for your facility and be on top of the safety & maintenance game.