Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)

Creating Intelligent Motors

AC Induction Motors are responsible for consuming approximately half of the worlds’ energy. Unfortunately, motors lack the intelligence to address 3 Key Issues that lead to massive Energy Waste, Undue Wear & Tear and a key contributor to unnecessary carbon emissions.

3 Key Issues:

1) Fixed speed motor driven applications like Escalators, Pumps and Fans cannot intelligently adjust their torque output to match load changes leading to excess energy consumption.

2) When starting, a motor develops more torque than is required at full speed. There is a high In-Rush Current putting immense strain on motors which contributes to Peak Demand Penalties and mechanical breakdowns for example. To prevent these issues occurring, businesses often leave motors running continuously even when they are not being used. Again, a massive contributor to excess energy waste and costs.

3) Motors require expensive maintenance costs to operate reliably at all times which is vital for any business heavily reliant on ‘On-Time’ production requirements. Motors without a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) installed often experience Unscheduled Maintenance and/ or Unnecessary Wear & Tear of Equipment leading to earlier replacements and further additional costs.

Our Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Products are suited to 1KW Motors all the way up to 2000KW Motors. Combined with our unique engineering solutions, Australian Green Energy will provide Industrial & Commercial customers with immediate benefits for a diverse range of operations and applications including: Water & Sewerage, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Refrigeration, Irrigation, Pumping, Mining, Distribution Centres, Heavy Industry, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Transport, Food and beverage to name a few.

Benefits of Installing Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)

• Suitable for Motors ranging from 1KW up to 2000KW
• Speed Control can deliver savings of up to 50%
• Dynamically Adjust Torque Output to Meet Load Requirements
• Variable Loading on Motors so they only consume the power they need
• A 20% Reduction in Speed can lead to 50% in Energy Savings
• Controlled Starting (Soft Starting) Reduces Wear & Tear
• Reduced Peak Demand Fees
• Auto Switch Off Delivers 100% in Energy Savings