Voltage Optimisation Technology

Voltage Optimization Technology

Voltage Optimization is an energy saving technology that is installed in series with the main electricity supply to systematically optimise, regulate and clean the incoming power to bring the voltage supplied into a building in line with what is required by equipment, machinery and appliances.

Voltage Optimisation is beneficial when the electricity supply to a site is at a higher voltage level than needed, resulting in excessive energy consumption and high electricity bills.

The In-Coming Supply Voltage (electricity supplied from the main grid) is never perfect nor stable. The Australian Standards for allowable Supply Voltage to be received at your site is anywhere from 216 Volts to 253 Volts. A huge disparity in acceptable voltage supply.

Effects of Unstable Electricity Supply

Effects of Unstable Electricity Supply

Equipment such as motors, lighting, machinery, computers, electronics are all manufactured to operate perfectly at 220V or 230V. Of course the manufacturer provides for increases and drops in supply voltage but with devastating consequences on equipment. Effects such as Early Burn Out, Increased Heat Loads & Equipment Maintenance, Interrupted Power Supply causing Unstable Harmonics, Brown Outs, Dips & Swells, Transients Too Low or Too High Voltage Supply, All of which increases Operational & Machinery Costs, Energy Consumption & Energy Costs, Load Demand Fees and unnecessary Carbon Emission (Co2) Output.

Voltage Optimisation should not be confused with step-down transformers or simple voltage stabilizers which only reduce the voltage and do not offer the energy saving benefits of a true voltage optimization system.

Powerstar are a unique range of market leading voltage optimization systems, and the only solution with a patent on its design. Powerstar has been fully manufactured in the UK for over 15 years and has thousands of installations throughout the world and Case Studies for transparent reviews.

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