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Powerstar and the Benefits

of Voltage Optimisation

Benefits for demand network operators

There are a number of key challenges facing Distribution Network Operators and National Grids, these include meeting the increasing energy demand of consumers, guaranteeing a stable and reliable output, integrating renewable electricity generation into grid and reducing electrical waste.

Powerstar Virtue is a solution which offers benefits to distribution network operators and national grids, helping to address and overcome these key challenges.


Benefits for large electricity consumers

Powerstar Virtue is a viable solution for for both large consumers of electricity and for distribution network operators and national grids, the benefits of installing Powerstar Virtue for large electricity consumers are summarised below:

• Maximise energy savings by storing electricity locally

• Reduce costs by coming off-grid at times of high tariff

• Eliminate the risk of network interruption

• Guarantee stable and reliable power at all times

• Make your facility grid independent at any time

• Integrate with onsite renewables to maximise cost benefit

• Eliminate the use of inverters on renewables

• Reduce cost of renewable installations

• Reduce the need for diesel generators

• Become a virtual power station and participate in National Grid incentive schemes such as STOR, EDR and FDR

• Reduce maintenance costs of onsite electrical equipment

• 100% Savings Guarantee


Benefits of a Powerstar Voltage Optimisation System

The Powerstar range of Voltage Optimization Systems are proven and established solutions that can deliver significant savings for clients. The latest innovation from Powerstar is Powerstar Virtue, an Energy Storage System which can be integrated with any Powerstar MAX or HV MAX system.

Powerstar Voltage Optimization Systems provide average savings of 12%-15% on annual electricity consumption, thus helping clients significantly reduce electricity bills. Voltage Optimization payback periods average between 2-3 years, providing clients with a comfortable, clear return on investment.

Benefits of Reducing Voltage to Save Energy

Primary benefits of power optimization through installation of a Powerstar Voltage Optimisation system include:

SAVE: On electricity costs

REDUCE: Financial risks; lower capital costs and increased bottom line

CUT: Carbon footprint and CO2 emissions

PROTECT: Corporate Social Responsibility and Reputation

In addition, through installation of a Powerstar voltage optimisation system, clients will also benefit from a number of associated benefits through effective power optimisation, voltage management and cleaning of the incoming electricity supply, these include:

• Significantly reduced harmonics.

• Improved power factor by up to 20%

• Lowered operating temperatures of motors.

• Increased life expectancy of onsite equipment and machinery.

Why Choose Powerstar..?

• Long-standing and established solution, a market leader since 2001

• A high quality, UK manufactured solution

• Engineering focused company offering a fully supported, project led turnkey solution

• Dedicated project managers liaise with clients throughout to ensure project is in-line with expectations

• Installations are future-proof with retrofit and system upgrades available

• Flexible finance package options

• Guaranteed savings offered on all systems

• Thorough and accurate savings verification and analysis provided

• Full after sales service and support offered

• Up to 15 years warranty available (10 years outside of UK, Australia & Cyprus)

• A no maintenance solution

• Estimated 50 year lifespan